Differences between LED pixel pois. Lite and Pro

We have two main lines of poi — Lite and PRO. Which is to choose?


Read this mini-tutorial:

1) Both Lite and PRO have poi of different length — so, you can choose short poi for technically advanced tricks and long poi for big stage shows.
2) Lite is affordable line for those who just have started spinning and don’t want to spend too much money on pixel equipment. You can upload into poi images, logos, text, emoji and synchronise your shows with music.
3) PRO is more sophisticated line for professionals and spinners who always improve their performances. The main difference is between Lite and PRO is the resolution: PRO line allows to upload photos with small details and other graphic.



Poi Pro (2 mm LEDs) 


Poi Lite (5 mm LEDs) 


Ignis Pixel 200 HD (400 LEDs)


Ultra high resolution of 200 pixels and the highest brightness leaves other pixel equipment far behind (but if you want more, check our Ignis Pixel 256 HD). This LED poi set is perfect for large-scale shows. This is the favourite model of Ignis Pixel CEO Grigoriy Zhuravlev and artists from big shows, such as Circus of Zapashny brothers and Cirque du Soleil. The length of the poi is 21.7 inches.

200 LEDs mounted with pitch 2,15 mm to each other and allows you to draw in the air not only pictures but also photos with faces of people who are easily recognised by the audience!


  • Resolution: 200 pixels (400 LEDs)
  • Rendering speed: 2600 rows/second
  • Total length of poi: 21.7 inches (55 cm)
  • Length of LED part: 16.9 inches (43 cm)
  • Weight: 6.7 oz. (190 g)
  • Working time: up to 4 hours

User-friendly software, micro USB charge and PC sync port, long battery life and very good durability are the other advantages of 200 HD.



Ignis Pixel 200 HD (400 LEDs poi)



Ignis Pixel 200 HD (400 LEDs poi) in action



Ignis Pixel 80 HD (160 LEDs)


We have an announcement: our Ignis Pixel 80 HD Tech want to find an ideal partner. So, we decided to help and agreed to share some essential info:

  •  they love to obey and are ready to do everything you want, including wraps, orbitals, spirals and even juggling tricks.⠀
  •  these poi love to be the center of attention: high rendering speed (3 000 rows per second) and 80 pixels resolution help them to be the main stars of the show.⠀
  •  Ignis Pixel 80 HD Tech are geeks: they have the highest resolution compared to length, that allows to download text, images, emoji and even photos.⠀
  • 80 HD Tech love to spend time in profi’s hands.

If you know someone, who might be that person, please, let us know!


Ignis Pixel 80 HD Tech (160 LEDs poi)




Ignis Pixel 80 HD Tech (160 LEDs poi) in action

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