Ignis Pixel Juggling Props

Hello, Dear Friends!

This year 2021 our Ignispixel company has been started to produce new LED products and nowdays we are pleased to present you not only spinning but also juggling props.

In our store you could find:

  • Pixel Club 48. Amazing programmable LED clubs for juggling. Geometry, weight and balance are similar to well-known Pirouette model.
  • Pixel Juggling Ball. First programmable pixel LED balls. Spherical casing contains 3 rows of LEDs, 11 in each, and has 72 mm in diameter. The basic ball weight is 140g, can be adjusted with special filling material.
  • Pixel Juggling Ring. First programmable pixel LED rings. We managed to design this ring as slim as possible - only 6 mm for the possibility to juggle many rings at once.

Using our mobile Ignis Pixel application with these products you can create your individual performance. Upload your own pictures, texts, emoji, logos, patterns and effects directly from your phone and switch them at a distance.

Also the system of timeline sequencing allows you to set the pictures in a row with timings you need, so images change while juggling.

Don’t worry about the props falling! 3d printed shockproof polyurethane makes Ignis Pixel Juggling Props durable and drop resistant.

We offer a Built-in Wireless Sync option, compatible with DMX Remote Control for big and circus stages. This is a great opportunity for creating incredible performances with any quantity and types of props. You can observe our Ignis Pixel Juggling products in wonderful show of the Royal Circus Gia Eradze.


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