What do you know about Flying Disc?

What is a Flying Disk?

So, a flying disc (also called a Frisbee or simply a Disc) is a gliding toy or sporting item. It is generally made of injection-molded plastic with curved edges with a diameter of 20-25 centimeters. The disc is made in such a way that during its flight a lifting force is created, which allows the discs to be thrown over considerable distances and with great accuracy. It is used recreationally and competitively for throwing and catching.

History or who invented the Flying Disc

Walter Frederick Morrison and his future wife Lucile had fun tossing a popcorn can lid after a Thanksgiving Day dinner in 1937. After the war, Morrison sketched a design for an aerodynamically improved flying disc that he called the Whirlo-Way. He and his business partner Warren Franscioni began producing the first plastic discs by 1948, after design modifications and experimentation with several prototypes. They renamed them the Flying-Saucer in the wake of reported unidentified flying object sightings.

Interesting Fact about “Frisbee”

 The term Frisbee is often used generically to describe all flying discs, but Frisbee is a registered trademark of the Wham-O toy company.

In June 1957,  the disc was given the brand name "Frisbee". Yale University students threw tin pies from the Frisbie Pie Company at each other in their free time. The name "Frisbie" was so popular with students that the Wham-O representatives renamed their Flying Saucers “Frisbee”. One letter was deliberately changed to prevent Frisbie Pie Company from claiming the name.

Flying Disc games

There are many varieties of disc games. Ultimate Frisbee – the most popular and famous team flying disc game. The game is very dynamic and entertaining, it requires a good reaction, throwing technique, speed and endurance.


And nowadays our company presents you FIRST PROGRAMMABLE PIXEL LED FLYING DISC for Ultimate Frisbee sport and outdoor activity.

Flying Disc

Draws stunning pictures while flying. Have fun and amaze the crowd with customized pictures while the disc is flying. Upload graphics directly from your phone and manage training stats in mobile application. Ignis Pixel app available for Android and iOS.

These discs were tested by European and World champions of Ultimate Frisbee. Flying characteristics are quite close to certified discs for Ultimate such as Discraft and obviously better than many non-certified disc.

Ignis Pixel produces two types of Pixel LED Flying Disc:

  • LED Flying Pixel Disc - This disc has 60 super bright LEDs on one side.
  • Double-LED Flying Pixel Disc - This disc has double-sided glow with total 120 super bright LEDs - 60 for each side. Glowing of lower side looks spectacular when disc is above you and brightness definitely surpass your expectations!

Interesting Fact: It takes 15 hours to print every disc and master spent up to 1 hour to manually polish outer surface to reduce air resistance and smooth flight.

IGNIS PIXEL LED FLYING DISC is an amazing prop for your hobby and original gift for your friends!

* information source - Wikipedia

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