St. Valentine's Day sale 2021

Happy Valentine's Day with Ignis Pixel

Congratulations on the most romantic day in the world – the day of St. Valentine. They say the happiest couples are the ones who give their care to each other. We agree with that completely. So, on the occasion of this holiday we have a good offer for you:

Buy two sets of Ignis products and get a great discount for the second set – 20/30/50%!

For Poi PRO models (256 HD, 200 HD, 144 HD, 104 HD, 80 HD Tech) – 50%

For Poi Lite models (32 Tech, 48 Lite, 64 Lite, 80 Long) – 30%

For Application props (Fans, Buugengs, Hula-Hoops, BubblePoi, and JellyPoi) – 20%

Important: to get this discount you need to buy two sets in one order. The discount is given only on one of the sets. The third prop goes at full price, the fourth - with a discount (20%, 30%, or 50%).

If you buy two different sets of products, a discount (20%, 30% or 50%) is given for a cheaper set. The offer is available from 14th to 28th of February.

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Layaway option

During the sale we offer a good opportunity for those who want to buy later, but at the current discount.

The system is simple: pay 30% now and keep the discounted price => pay another 70% within the next 3 months => get your order.

To use this opportunity, place an order and leave the word “LAYAWAY” in the comments. When we see the order, we will get in touch with you to discuss the terms and adjust the price, making the first bill for 30% of the total amount. You pay and keep the current discounted price even after the sale is over. The rest of the amount you can pay any time until May 15, 2021. Pay the rest in one bunch or split it on several smaller parts – it’s up to you to decide. After you cover full cost, we will put your order in line and you get it after a few days or weeks (depends on how workshop’s schedule, but we will discuss approximate time of shipping with you anyway).



A word about how the World Сelebrates Valentine's Day

   It's interesting how people from different countries celebrate this holiday. Sometimes the information is contradictory and often is hard to believe. Anyway, this is what we were able to discover, but whether it's true or not, some of you maybe know better.

   In Holland unmarried girls are looking forward to this day with particular impatience: after all, on February 14 it is not considered shameful to propose to her beloved one, and if he agrees to marry, he gives the bride a beautiful silk dress.

   In Italy, where, according to legend, Valentine's Day originates, this day was called the Day of Spring and Love. All the celebrations were held outside - the lovers walked all day without ceasing to confess their love. In Turin, for example, the bride and groom announced their engagement to everyone on Valentine's Day - this ancient tradition has survived to this day.

   In Japan, on Valentine's Day, women give gifts to men (usually confectionery, chocolate, purchased or made by hand) as a token of love. Historically, the Japanese were not very fond of sweets, so chocolate in the Land of the Rising Sun market sold poorly. Then the creative managers came up with a movie based on the Japanese interest in foreign traditions and, oddly enough, the traditional modesty of young Japanese women.

   In Russia, this holiday was almost not celebrated until the 1990-s, because of the USSR age. Despite the fact that this holiday is not one of the most popular (unlike New Year or May 9), many couples exchange valentines and present their soulmates with cute gifts. For Valentine's Day in Russia, shops are simply overflowing with a variety of souvenirs with romantic symbols, as well as on this day it is customary to give each other cards, sweets in the shape of hearts, and, of course, red roses.


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