LED Levitation Wand Ignis Pixel 200 HD (400 LEDs)

عصا رفع بكسل مع دقة التصوير الفوتوغرافي

Levitation Wand Ignis Pixel 200 HD (400 LEDs)
US $981
US $1,090
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الأصناف المباعة إلى البلدان 85
LED الدعائم متجر على الانترنت
Video Demonstration
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4 نقاط يجب ملاحظتها أثناء اختيار معدات البكسل
أظهر المزيد
كلما كانت الدقة أعلى كلما كان إلغاء البلورة أفضل للصورة المعروضة.
سرعة التقديم
إذا كانت سرعة التقديم غير كافية، يتم تمديد البكسل إلى مستطيل وتصبح الصورة ممتدة ومشوهة

تحميل الموسيقى الصور، والجداول الزمنية تحرير البصرية (تسلسل الصور التي تم تحميلها)

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مركز الدعم
Ignis بكسل

جسم البولي كربونات قوي كدرع الشرطة

مصابيح LED عالية الجودة تستخدم لشاشات LED

خيار بدء المزامنة اللاسلكية والتحكم الكامل

عدة ساعات من عمر بطارية الليثيوم القابلة لإعادة الشحن

شحن بوي وتحميل الصور من خلال USB

أعلى كثافة LED - 2.15 مم

أعلى دقة في العالم - 256 بكسل

موثوق بها، وحام عززت من جميع المكونات

مؤشر الشحن يعمل في أوضاع مختلفة

مقابض حلقة لينة مصنوعة من حبال تسلق أنبوبي عالية الجودة

Absolutely stunning product! By far the most advanced and clear pictures pixel poi out there. If you like to spin staff and poi this'll work in your favor because you're able to connect your poi into staff. Definitely the best top of the line poi you can get, the images are beautiful :) not to mention they have amazing customer service
Awesome product, so easy to use, the audience loved it!! and the after sales service is great as well, always available for questions. I really recommend
I love these pixel sticks. They are awesome to perform with and now with the Apple software it's even better.
I want to express my special thanks to the team of Ignis poi Digital! They are very helpful and friendly.And the poi of course is unbelievable, super and cool :)))
Love your products. So easy to use. I love that I can always set multiple programs on it that ables me to make different gigs in one evening without taking out my laptop to load a different show. And your customer support is just top rate! You are the best company that I have ever dealt with and I think I couldnt deal with any one lesser than the service you guys provide. You are just all amazing!!! I keep recommending you to other artists out there.
My first order were for the nunchaku HD80 tech. Dina assisted with my purchase. They arrived well packaged in a reasonable amount of time. Hard for me to say which I like best. As nunchaku they were incredible, the right diameter, weight and balance. the practice dummies also had the same characteristics.
The app is very easy to use, programming is enjoyable. Endless possibilities as far as images, photos and art
They perform just as well as poi or staff. The diameter of the staff is spot on, as well as the grip tape. 3 months later, no issues.
I was so pleased with quality of the product, I ordered the 200HD Levistick and the 256HD poi. I will review those separately.
I really need to send thanks to Dina Ignis, She was so helpful with my questions and concerns with prompt relevant info...
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We give 2 years warranty for all models, 30-day moneyback period and free technical services including free repairs during warranty period. If there is something wrong with your props, please get in touch with our support team by email: support@ignispixel.com

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cm / g
inch / oz
عدد المصابيح
إجمالي الطول
طول جزء LED
Levistick 80 Long
80 px
160 LEDs
53 cm
40 cm
210 g
US $564
Levistick 200 HD
200 px
400 LEDs
58 cm
46 cm
220 g
US $981
Levistick 256 HD
256 px
512 LEDs
70 cm
55 cm
230 g
US $1,186
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